The 2019
Bob & Berts
North Coast 10K & 5K

Thursday 27th June
Run Starts @ 7:30pm

We are pleased to announce the date of the 2019 Bob & Berts North Coast 10K & 5K Runs will be Thursday 27th June, starting at 7:30pm

There will be race packs for the first 200 runners with goodys still to be confirmed, so to guarantee yours, enter early! Everyone who registers online for the 10K or 5K will receive a T shirt.

The top 3 male and top 3 females in both the 10K & 5K will recieve cash prizes.

Toilets/changing facilities will be available at the Watersports Centre before, during and after then runs. We will also have some refreshments after the runs.

Sign up online
10K - £18
5K - £12

On the Day
10K - £20
5K - £15

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As the costs of organising the event have been covered, please know that all money from the entrants fees will go directly to supporting the Sports Academy George school project. Ultimately, your money is giving each young person the opportunity to dream of a future that isn’t defined by the areas they grow up in.

On top of this Johnston Campbell have promised to match every entrant fee. So the money going to charity will now be DOUBLED!

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Ticket Type Price Qty. Cart
Adult 10K £18
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Adult 5K £12
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Youth (Age 10+) 5K (Medal) £10
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Youth (Age 15+) 10K (Medal) £15
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1815Jonathan Scott0:35:12
2805David Jackson0:37:43
3817Fergus Lynch0:38:18
4841Simon Hawe0:39:36
5822Rebekah Nixon0:39:40
6803JULIE MURPHY0:39:57
7840Joe Wilson0:40:00
8680Kyle Leckey0:40:06
9698Nigel Patton0:40:22
10835David Sexton0:40:27
11665David McGaffin0:40:59
12806Mark Friend0:41:37
13761Stuart Vaux0:42:01
14699Ashley Briggs0:42:05
16788Glen Pollock0:42:38
17676Richard Baker0:42:40
18669Christopher Hamilton0:42:43
19810Phil Gilmore0:43:05
20844Martin Craig0:43:13
21782James McMullan0:43:14
22830Stephen Phillips0:43:18
23640IAN MONTGOMERY0:43:40
24660David Hamill0:44:34
25834Jonathan Workman0:44:47
26779Matthew McCallan0:44:54
27794andrew gribbin0:44:59
28831Meryvn Thompson0:44:59
29777Fred Bailey0:45:00
30818Alan Taggart0:45:06
31795Geoffrey Topley0:45:17
32819John Nelson0:45:21
33668Cathy Hamilton0:45:25
34674Mark Neely0:45:29
35851Dominic Connelly0:46:06
36772David Lyttle0:46:15
37843David Ferguson0:46:18
38671Clare DUFFIELD0:46:32
39814Cath coey0:46:44
40774Ashley Douglas0:46:45
41670John Hamilton0:46:56
43813Nigel Kyle0:47:11
44845COLIN WATSON0:47:17
45849Tracy Gillan0:47:27
46847Leona Spence0:47:31
47821Stephen Nixon0:47:31
48759Tim McEvoy0:47:45
49783Judith McMaster0:47:54
50826Paula Kelly0:47:57
51852Alan Platt0:48:05
52780Kyle Brady0:48:12
53832Holly Meadows0:48:30
54594Danny McVicker0:48:30
55798Wendy Wensley0:48:42
56827Laurence Campbell0:48:48
57829Michael Conway0:49:36
58655Carl Henry0:49:49
59661Patricia Hamill0:49:51
60804Pamela Kane0:49:56
61768Richard Pollock0:50:05
62770Colin Mills0:50:10
63773Hannah Douglas0:50:11
64836Ian Crowe0:50:18
65848Erika Kudrenko0:50:49
66800Jacqueline Glendinning0:51:26
67820Tim McIlreavy0:51:31
68693Peter Rusk0:51:34
69807Angie Logan0:51:43
70684Martin Hinch0:51:45
71682SHARON MCCAHON0:51:50
73694Alan Greer0:52:15
74643David Greer0:52:43
75771Cherith Mills0:52:43
76785Christine Okane0:53:01
77839Simon Adair0:53:18
78758Janet Patrick0:53:27
79599Mark Crawford0:53:38
80654Denise Shaw0:53:39
81776Paul McGann0:53:45
82809Paula Beggs0:53:48
83833Sarah Meadows0:53:57
84784NICHOLA NEILL0:53:58
85855Paul McQuilken0:54:01
86650Helen Cardwell0:54:07
87596John Canavan0:54:15
88850Majella Connelly0:54:17
89755Kerry Cameron0:54:17
90663Fergal Kelly0:54:34
91762Karen Garvin0:55:15
92677Alison Dunwoody0:55:19
93808Katie Jamieson0:55:29
94769Laura Wilson0:55:57
95754Leon Stevenson0:56:12
96796Aaron Gilkinson0:56:32
97854Mary Duffin0:56:58
98853Catherine Stewart0:56:58
99659Wendy Power0:57:09
100824Michael Connolly0:57:15
101688Helen Mckay0:57:47
102700Jan Stevenson0:58:20
103757Pauline Livingston0:59:05
104644Haruka Murayama0:59:23
105775Diarmuid Sands0:59:35
106679Claire Gibbs0:59:45
107692Tom HYNDMAN0:59:50
108765Mildred Scott0:59:50
109689Zoe Angel1:00:30
110662Jenny Hyndman1:01:20
111648David McKeown1:01:22
112647PAULINE DUKE1:01:59
113811Ciaran Duffy1:02:10
114664Claire McMahon1:02:16
115658Joanne Millar1:02:19
116657Julie Hogg1:02:21
117828Sarah Grocott1:02:22
118656Nikki Kernohan1:02:33
119846Heidi Clarke1:02:34
120685Helen Clarke1:03:18
121760Nichola Nickels1:03:26
122842Karen Vandevyver1:04:38
123695Aisling Hynes1:04:38
124686Richard Primrose1:04:46
125667Keith Henry1:05:48
126791Clare Boyd1:06:25
127792Carolyn Henry1:06:32
128793catriona hegarty1:06:48
129790Teresa Mc1:06:50
130593Kathy Wilford1:06:51
131595Patricia Canavan1:06:52
132823Paula Bradley1:07:46
133838Pauline McCabe1:07:47
134837Claire Williamson1:08:02
135687Sarah McGuinness1:08:49
136816Frances Smyth1:10:03
137651Kieran James1:10:14
138666Gareth Hamilton1:10:48
139641Ashleigh Brown1:11:42
140764James Scott1:12:39
141766Trudi Scott1:12:39
142639Ciara Little1:12:57


163Lee Maginnis19:45.65
256Bethany Nixon21:27.67
362Scott Fleming22:25.44
467Will Colvin23:57.56
546Ian Harper25:14.66
625Oliver Duffield25:29.99
771Andrew Trimble25:30.14
855Luke McCollum26:15.96
942Ian Dunwoody27:45.09
1024Jack Hamilton27:54.68
1165Rowena Baker28:53.65
1254Mary McCollum30:20.72
1347Demi Harper30:20.92
142Kieran McNamee31:08.08
159Nicola Kerr32:02.56
1640Karen Kirkpatrick32:02.79
1757Rachel Gardiner32:19.23
1866Clare Harley32:38.57
1935SARAH JOHNSTON32:55.55
2053Jennifer Beattie33:24.97
2116Rebecca Henry33:27.57
2249jenny robinson33:27.60
2320Corinne McAllen33:28.91
2448Catherine Brown33:36.46
2531Naomi Small34:49.60
2652Ruth Millar34:55.34
2751Caroline Millar34:55.56
2818Jayne McCurdy35:01.17
2934Bethan McLaughlin36:11.22
3032Emma Martin36:11.63
3133Anna Gordon36:12.01
3213Karen Cameron36:25.00
3341Clare Quinn37:11.04
3417Lauren Elder37:16.98
3545Nigel McCurdy37:17.37
3636Roberta Mckenzie37:31.74
3737Paul McKenzie37:31.75
3823Sarah Bell37:33.75
3950Sharon McCowan37:37.04
4043Elaine Moore37:37.90
4119Patricia Nicholl37:54.21
423Lucy Glass38:41.56
4314Katie Williams39:05.17
4415Alyson Williams39:07.96
4529Joanne KEEN39:50.79
4658Ricky Russell39:59.26
4759Samuel Surgenor40:00.73
4810Andrea 4Campbell40:02.05
4911Heather McAlister40:21.61
5064Hannah Gibbs40:26.75
516Christine Fenton41:18.11
525Ann Owens41:23.75
5344Sarah Alcorn42:11.70
5439Linda McComb42:13.04
554Zita Goodman-Glass45:54.67
5660Paul Bracken48:02.67
5761Shannon Bracken48:02.68
588Atlantis Owens50:06.22
597Pauline Owens50:06.23
This event is to raise funds for the work of Sports Academy George in the townships of South Africa. This year they have opened a new school for every young person in their programme. Sports Academy George use sport as a tool to connect and disciple young people, providing them with opportunities for a better future through the coaching, mentorship and career guidance incorporated into our programmes. We want our students to be the best version of themselves and so we strive to develop them spiritually, physically and academically.
Bob & Berts was founded in Portstewart in 2013, satisfying the demand for quality coffee and fresh food. Its distinctive style, quality offering and local community focused approach has seen it rapidly expand to 16 coffee shops across Northern Ireland in locations including Coleraine, Belfast, Lisburn, Omagh and Portadown.
Johnston Campbell has been advising clients about their financial planning for over 40 years. We are wholly privately owned, and we look after in excess of £400m of assets for our clients. Our relationship with many of our clients goes back to our original formation. We are not affiliated to any one company ensuring you get truly independent advice.